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Eye Contact


Hi all…don’t you find that there s nothing more menacing than a powerful lioness staring straight at you in your eyes?! In this picture I have for you today, she is definitely one of these. You can see the power in her muscles on her legs, shoulders and back just waiting to be unleashed on […]

Gate Keeper


Hi all…I hope the weekends went well and you had some fun times outdoors. I know I did. Noa and I are having lots of fun driving around in my new vehicle, checking on where the animals are and what they are up to. Driving along to visit my previous base for my ‘Colours of […]

Black & White Friday


Hi all…today I am feeling creative and artistic so I want to share this black and white lion photo with you. These two brothers are regulars I see around here in the Kalahari and I love photographing them because they often have moments of emotion/affection with each other. This is cool to capture as it […]

Ssssly Hunter


Hi all…this one is for ‘Henco Nienaber’ because he asked me to keep a look out for reptiles and look who I found slithering around trying to find something to eat. This Cape Cobra I spotted hanging out in a Social Weavers’ Nest waiting for the right time to strike. It was fairly easy for the snake […]

Kalahari Cats


Hi all…its all about the spots today although I have to say that this one is number 2 on my list of favourite spotted cats in this park. The cheetah comes second to my love of leopards that I am sure a lot of you feel the same about. They are still magnificent animals in […]

Night Visitor


Hi all…I find that my days here in the Kalahari go by so quickly. I think it’s probably because I have so much fun and am concentrating so hard on my photography and finding animals that the time flies by. Lucky for me, they are unlimited and I know I am making you all jealous […]

Meerkat Monday


Hi all…I hope you all had a great weekend like I did. Today’s image I have chosen to be one of my favourite animals to photograph. The Meerkat! This is definitely also one of the Kalahari’s most iconic animals that people come to see from all parts of the globe. Thanks to that show by […]

Lion Sunset


Hi all…another beautifully HOT day in the Kalahari today-probably about 38 degrees C. Out on my evening drive last night I came across this magnificent lioness relaxing (as lions do best 🙂 ) in the shrubs. She was beautifully framed by another colourful sunset with the oranges, yellows and reds bursting from behind her. This […]

Back Home in the Kalahari


So after a long stint in Cape Town, I am back in the Kalahari and loving it!!! My next project is about to start in 2 or so months but I first want to drive around through the whole park to get a feeling for where all the leopards, prides of lion and cheetahs move […]



Hi all…as part of the end-of-year special that I am running with my business, you can now stand the chance to win a photographic safari with me in my ;home’, The Kalahari. Come spend some time with me in this amazing part of the world where I can show you all of my favourite spots […]