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Black & White Night Leopard


Hi all…it is getting very close to Christmas now and I am going up to Swakopmund for a while with Noa to get my vehicle serviced and to chill a bit. This is therefore my last blog post for 2010 which will probably resume somewhere around the 4th January 2011. I just want to thank […]

Ready to strike


Hi all…today’s photo is one of those that most people would not like to be in the situation to be able to take this shot. But this is what I do and do what I need to (respecting the animals and park rules ALWAYS!) in order to get the shot I want. This puff adder […]

Twilight Leopard


Hi all…so as you know it gets really hot up here. Noa and I like to drive around early in the mornings before the sun gets fierce and then in the late afternoons again until late when it is cooling down again. This leopard we stumbled upon on one of our evening drives which was […]

Like a painting…


Hi all…greetings again from a HOT Kalahari. I hope that all of you had a fun and safe weekend. Probably lots going on holiday all over the country. I know the camp sites around here have filled up and we are getting lots of visitors popping in to our camp site to say hi which […]

Black & White Brothers


Hi all…most of you are probably confused today as to what day it is because of the public holiday yesterday so I thought I would help clarify things by keeping to my ‘Black & White Fridays’ photo. Hopefully this will remind you of what day it actually is. I know I lose track of the […]

Thunder at Polentswa


Hi all…wow thanks for all the nice comments and compliments about my photo from yesterday. I really appreciate it! It is one of my favourites so I am really glad you liked it. So from all the excitement yesterday, today’s photo is from one if my favourite places in the Kalahari – Polentswa. This tree […]

One from my List!


Hi all…today you are all in for a real treat. I finally was able to capture lions in the rain! I have this list of photographs I want to capture sometime in my career and this was one of them that I can now tick off!!! Very happy about this one! I always wanted lions […]

Unexpected Behaviour


Hi all…I hope the weekends were good for you. I guess that everyone is in this time of gearing up for Christmas but up here we are totally oblivious to it. We have however noticed that the holiday-makers have started arriving. I just hope that they don’t disturb us too much because the very little […]

PG 13 ‘Violence’


Hi all…so I know you can find much much worse on the Internet but I still thought I would warn people about the photo I am sharing with you today. It has some blood and guts in it and I know that not everyone likes this kind if thing. So…for the rest of you, I […]

Step into my office…


Hi all…another scorcher of a day here in the Kalahari, about 40 degrees in the shade so bring your swimming costumes if any of you are coming up here anytime soon. Today I thought I would give you all a glimpse into my world and how I do my job with Noa here beside me. […]