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A Wattled Blur


Hi all…I hope you all had great weekends. I know I did up here in the Kalahari because we have been getting a lot of rain recently. For those of you that know the park, this means that there is a lot of greenery around. I love the park when it is like this, probably […]

Black & White Sunlight Breaking though…


Hi all…thank you all so much for my birthday wishes. Social Networking platforms (like this one) are so great for me because I had birthday wishes coming in to me through so many different ways: sms, e-mails, facebook wall posts, blog comments etc. I loved all of them so thanks again for making me feel […]

Just Shake it Off


Hi all…it has definitely been a week of cats and their behaviour so far and seems like it is continuing with today’s photograph too. The one I am sharing with you today is of another beautiful big male resting next to a tree, having a good shake of his head. I like this one because […]

Intimate Embrace PG13


Hi all…the photograph I am sharing with you today is of some different cat behaviour – other than stalking. As you can see it is of a couple of lions mating. This ritual is known for being loud, quick, repetitive and unsuccessful. Mating of one couple generally lasts for about four days.  Copulation lasts about 30-70 […]

On the Prowl


Hi all…as I mentioned yesterday, today’s photograph that I am sharing with you is another sneaky stalking cat. This one is of a lioness in the longer grass creeping up on her prey. I like this one because of the angle I was able to get on her when taking the photo. You can see […]

Spot the Spots


Hi all…welcome back to the start of a new week. I hope the weekend was a good break for all of you. I really don’t intentionally try to have themes for the week of pictures but this week seems to have one anyway. This first photograph is of a leopard (love them) stalking its prey. […]

Yellow Devil


Hi all…it is that great day of the week again that everyone looks forward to, Friday. My photograph I am sharing with you today is one of those menacing ones that not everyone would be excited to see in real life. The Cape Cobra, like in my previous post about this snake, is not a […]

Moonlit Nights


Hi all…so today’s photograph is a little bit of a different one. It is again featuring one my favourite big male lions in the park but this time, it was taken with the rising moon. This kind of shot I do not get very often because of the rules of the park and when we […]

Fiery Backdrop


Hi all…so sticking with the ‘cats’ thing this week, which was actually unintentional, I have another leopard photograph for you today. This one I like because of the intensely orange part of the background. It is such an intense colour that you almost lose the leopard totally in the photo. Usually I wouldn’t like a […]

View from Above


Hi all…so it looks it is shaping up to be a week of cats from this park (lions and leopards) which I have a lot of photographs of and would like to share with all of you. As you can imagine, when you spend as much time here as I do, you create quite a […]