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Something bugging you…?


Hi all…I hope that you all had great weekends. Things are getting busy up here for me…quite a few things on the go so forgive me if some of the posts this week are a little brief. It’s that dreaded day of the week-Monday-so I thought the photograph I will share with you today will […]

Looking back…


Hi all…my apologies for not making posts this week. I went up further north, around Mata Mata/Kalahari Tented Camp area and there is absolutely NO signal up there (not cellphone, 3G…nothing). This is the reality of my life up here though so I hope that you all understand. It is still beautifully green up here […]

Spot the Leopard


Hi all…its that favourite day of the week again-Friday and it is also one of my favourite days because I get to share one of my black and white images with you all. Today’s photograph is a little bit of a puzzle for you as well. There is a leopard in this magnificently huge Camelthorn […]

Split Springbok


Hi all…I came across these two cheetahs the other day on one of my drives around. I found them tugging at what was left of a springbok kill. Something had taken down the springbok a little earlier that I had obviously just missed-this happens to me a lot as you can imagine. It is very […]



Hi all…it’s that middle point of the week today so here is a little pick-me-up from one of the youngsters here in the park. The photograph I am sharing with you today is of a young male lion (notice the funny little mane) getting some rest on the green grass and flowers. His mane is […]

Last Call


Hi all…I hope you all shared some love yesterday. So I found my favourite boy at Rooiputs again – Mufasa. He is such a magnificent lion. Here he is again as the subject in my photograph for you today. He is up on the one ridge at sunset calling out to the rest of the […]

Valentine’s Day Flowers


Hi all…I hope everyone had great weekends. Happy Valentine’s Day from us up here in the Kalahari! Since this day is all about celebrating love with hearts, chocolates and flowers everywhere, I have decided to share this photograph with you today. It is again one of my favourite subjects…the mighty Meerkat. The rain has given […]

Black & White Friday


Hi all…it’s that favourite day of the week again for most of you. In celebration of this I am sharing yet another one of my photographs that are close to my heart-one of my black and white ones. The photograph I am sharing with you today is of two young male lions that I came […]



Hi all…so for today’s blog post I have chosen another subject that is often overlooked here in the park. The black-backed jackal is considered a bit of a pesky scavenger around here in most of the camps, especially around your night campfire and bins. even with this reputation, I still really like them. I could […]

Dramatic Lioness


Hi all…we have still been getting a lot of rain up here in the Kalahari which makes for great backgrounds to photographs. This one I am sharing with you today is one demonstrating exactly that. My subject is one of the beautiful, powerful and striking lionesses in the park. She is slightly lit from the […]