Hi all…so for today’s blog post I have chosen another subject that is often overlooked here in the park. The black-backed jackal is considered a bit of a pesky scavenger around here in most of the camps, especially around your night campfire and bins. even with this reputation, I still really like them. I could watch these guys for hours trying to catch the doves at the waterholes. They have persistence alright! Time after time they get so close but come out empty-handed. This one in my photograph today however hit the jackpot! Four cheetah brought down a blouwildbeest calf and this jackal picked up the remains and polished them off. It was its lucky day. You can see how much he ate because of his bulging belly. This photograph was taken with my Nikon D3s and Nikon 600mm F4.

Take a look and let me know what you think…

Don’t forget to take some time to appreciate the smaller things in the park. Cheers til tomorrow…

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