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Eyes on the Prize


Hi all…I am braving another bird of prey photograph today so I hope you all like it. The photograph I am sharing with you today is of a magnificent Spotted Eagle Owl. It was busy catching bugs in the after a big rainstorm one evening. There were lots of bugs scuttling around after the rain […]

Interrupted Meal


Hi all…so its the beginning of another week and the Kalahari is still celebrating the greenery around. Birds are chirping happily because of the abundance of bugs around. Antelope are looking healthy and satisfied from munching on the new grass shoots and the predators are pleased with all of the above. This photograph I am […]

Black & White Friday


Hi all…it’s that favourite day of the week again for most of you and also happens to be the day of the week that I like to share my special Black & White Photographs with you – Friday. I have unfortunately had to place copyright signs in my images now as my team and I […]

Trapped in a Tawny’s Talons


Hi all…so I guess I am being brave today because the photograph I am sharing with you all today is another bird of prey. I am pretty sure that I know what this one is this time though so hopefully Phil will agree with me that this is a beautiful Tawny Eagle. This Tawny has […]

Flowers for the Lady


Hi all…so I have a little correction to make from yesterday as my good friend, Phil Hockey, pointed out, the one bird shot is actually of a Steppe Buzzard. Sorry folks! I even get them mixed up sometimes as I am indeed not a bird expert, just a wildlife photographer. Might be laying off the […]

Black Kite Behaviour


Hi all…you are in for a treat again today as I am spoiling you with another two-picture post. So I was talking about the rain yesterday and all the patches of green around. It makes for great photography which will be coming up on the blog shortly throughout this week but today I have some […]