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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!


Good morning everyone… Here we have a Marabou stork, a massive bird, and unmistakable due to its size, bare head and neck, black back, and white underparts. It has the largest wingspan of any land bird in Africa. I love these storks, and when spending some time with them they can be very entertaining. This photo was […]

Lanner beauty


Good morning everyone… here we have a Lanner Falcon(Falco biarmicus) in flight, and to get them in flight, especially flying towards you can be very tricky. The more you play the better you get! So start practising! It usually hunts by horizontal pursuit and loves to catch smaller prey like wattled starlings, sparrows, sandgrouse or […]



  Good morning everyone…  Cape glossy starlings (Lamprotornis nitens) seen in bright sunlight reflects a particularly striking colour,  they are widespread over much of southern Africa. The one shown here was near Mata Mata taking advantage of a rain puddle in the road! They are very well-known in the campsites to clean up your plates after […]

Dressed to Impress


Hi all…I hope you all had great weekends because I know I did. The ‘Getaway Show’ was great and a big thank you to everyone that came to visit me at my stand. It was great seeing you all so thanks for the support. Pretty tired now though but that’s what you get for talking […]

‘Getaway’ this Weekend!


Hi all…so I am here at the Getaway Show at Lourensford, Somerset West uploading this post. There is so much going on here so you should all come down here, bring the family, and take a look around. Loads of specials and prizes to be won especially from me where my books are on promotion […]

Spread your wings


Hi all…busy busy day setting up for the Getaway Show this weekend so you all better be coming to visit me! This is just a quick post to keep to my commitment of bird week. Today’s subject is a Black-shouldered Kite. This magnificent bird I managed to capture with its wings spread wide open which […]

Size is not important


Hi all…so my post today is just trying to highlight the fact that, when it comes to birds, size does not matter. If you have an interest in them, it really does not matter what size they are because some of the most fascinating species are incredibly small and are often more interesting than the […]

I have eyes in the back of my head!


Hi all…today is Tuesday thanks to the public holiday yesterday so a short week left for all of you. It is always nice to start the week with this in mind. Some of you may have read my comment on the previous post already but for those of you who don’t know yet, this week […]

Stormy Skies


Hi all…its Friday again! The happiest day of the week for most but even more exciting today because it is a long weekend in South Africa with Monday being a public holiday for Human Rights Day. So to help you get through the day I have another one of my special Black & White collection […]



Hi all…its great to be back in Cape Town and everything and everyone are keeping me busy but I must say, I do miss my home-from-home, The Kalahari and all of its special inhabitants. The invitation stands for anyone that is interested in me or my business that wants to get in touch with me […]