Black and White Friday!

Good morning everyone… We found the three male cheetahs south of Rooiputs. This one was jumping in the tree to see if there was possible prey further down the riverbed! Cheetahs will climb trees, although they’re claws aren’t designed for it. Also when attacked by predators such as lion. Enjoy your weekend and see you on Monday!

PS.  how many cheetahs do you see in this photo?

5 Responses to “Black and White Friday!”

  1. There’s one cheetah, Hannes. If you look to the right of the tree trunk … it’s just there almost crouching about to jump up the tree!

  2. Jis Zoro! Hoop dinge gaan goed. Great foto’s! Ek sien twee.

  3. Hannes
    Ek sien twee, een kruip weg in die boom en die ander is reg om in te spring onder die boom.

  4. Darem kan ek die een op die grond sien………….maar die een in die boom……….

  5. Only one. One more must be hiding in the tree.

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