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Weekly update!


Good morning everyone! The  kalahari has been quiet this week due to lots of rain. Birds have been active and the Southern Masked Weaver or African Masked Weaver  (Ploceus velatus) are everywhere. The Wattled starlings are bathing in the puddles of water and the weavers are building nests to impress the ladies! Males have several female partners, […]

Weekly update!


Good morning everyone! The rain continues and the bugs are more than ever! The stinkbugs taste just as bad as they smell! Uggh! The grass is getting longer and the kalahari is turning into a paradise! The Cats tail’s flowers are slowly making their appearance and the Devils thorn flowers are everywhere! Kali and Luna […]

Lazy Lazy Lazy!


Good afternoon everyone! Been stuck in Upington with car trouble, had to get a new transfer box for the Landy! OUCH! The Landy purrs again and hopefully wont give us problems any time soon! Anyway, life goes on in the Kalahari, and the days are hot and humid, cloud cover every afternoon with heavy thunder and […]

Weekly update!


Good morning everyone, the kalahari is turning into a paradise! The grass is getting longer and the riverbeds are transforming into green fields with yellow flowers! Also thunder and lightning storms are frequent, almost every day in the late afternoon! The heat is unbearable at times, and if you in a tent like us, its […]