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Beach Boy cubs!


Good morning everyone, its been a very quiet week/month in the park, haven’t downloaded any pictures this month at all! Hopefully things will change soon, they normally do, you’ll get a quiet month and then within a day or two, a person gets incredible sightings everywhere! There is a female part of the southern pride […]

Garden of Eden!


Good morning everyone, the kalahari is still full of flowers but the grass is gradually turning more yellow. There has been a lot of cheetah and lion-sightings in the south but unfortunately no leopards. Hopefully they show themselves soon. The grass is very tall in the north and make sightings difficult. Today I share with […]

Green Kalahari!


Good morning everyone, i have been on photographic safaris the last two weeks, so I’ve been offline for a while. Good to be back! The northern areas are greener than ever and the grass is very high. The Mata Mata area is the best for wildlife at the moment, with the riverbed looking like a […]