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After a few months at Third Bridge we got to know a nice sizeable pride of lions. Altogether 13 individuals, with 3 big males leading the pride. The males are always together and are seldom with the females and cubs. It has been difficult to follow these males everywhere they go, because they cross into […]

The Squirrelhunter


Good afternoon everyone, things are rolling along, and the sightings are SLOOOOOOWLY getting better. It’s getting hotter so the elephants, especially the breeding herds are more frequent at all the water-points. We share with you today a young leopard that was chasing squirrels. Amazing seeing these agile creatures in action. We haven’t really had winter […]

The Adventure Continue


The last month the sightings has increased a little and hoping things will turn around to even better and more regular sightings. I also found a wilddog den with 2 pups. Lots of water still, thank goodness for the snorkel on the vehicle. Also very thick sand and the roads are not particular great for […]